2024 International Seminar w. Peter Kelly Sensei

From the 22nd to the 25th of August 2024, Aikido Yuishinkai International Chief Instructor Peter Kelly 10th dan, will be in Denmark to teach at the European Summer Seminar of Aikido Yuishinkai.

Peter Kelly Sensei has a background in professional volleyball and a dedicated curiosity to always optimize and finding the key elements of understanding on how Aikido works. This has made him obtain the kind of understanding, that leaves most of those who receive his teaching, not only wiser on Aikido but also on their own abilities.

Sensei Peter Kelly is with his no-nonsense approach to training and Aikido, a superbly skilled Aikido practitioner. He was appointed International Chief Instructor with the confidence of Maruyama Sensei to teach O’Sensei’s Aikido and Philosophy.

And on that account, we are very proud to present an International Seminar, which main purpose is to make you a better Aikido practitioner.

It will be possible to stay in the Venue for the seminar for the duration. There will also be limited possibility for private stays.

20 hours of intense training + social events and a seminar dinner.

180 € – Entire seminar ‘all inclusive’

160 € – Early bird Entire seminar ‘all inclusive’ (pay before June 2024)

135 € – Students* ‘all inclusive’ send copy of students card

30 € – Per session/or at the mat, food not included

5 € – Food between sessions

7 € – To sleep in the dojo per night

20 € – Seminar dinner

You must be registered before August the 1st – we have a limited number of participants so do not hesitate to book your spot!


Ulvehoejhallen, Moellevangsvej 9, 8940 Randers SV, Denmark

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