2024 European AY seminar

If you are registering for someone else, please send fill out the form with their name. You can assign your own e-mail adress, however it also requires you to bring the information that we, as organisers will send to regarding the seminar.
Please put in the number that we will be able to contact you on, when you are at the seminar.
Which dojo are you attached to?
It is recommended to participate in the full seminar to get the most out of Peter Kelly Sensei's teachings. He brings a red thread throughout the classes, and you will benefit from being to all of the sessions. For student discount a copy of students card is required.
The accomodation is available in the gym hall, which means it is one big room for all to sleep in. If you need more privacy, feel free to reach out in the comment field below or book a room at a local B&B, Hotel or Hostel (Randers area).
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