Summer camp w. Peter Kelly Sensei

Due to the Corona situation the event has beencancelled.


Peter Kelly Sensei, 8 Dan. out of Hobart, Tasmania (Australia), will be in Denmark for the first time.

In 2019 he was appointed International Chef Instruktør, seen by Maruyama Sensei to pass on O’Senseis Aikido and philosophy..

Peter Kelly comes from a background as a professional volleyball player, and his dedicated curiosity to always seek out the margins and understanding on how Aikido works, has given him an insight which makes every meeting with him and his teaching a boost not only to Aikido in general, but to understand your own skills as well.

We are happy to present a summer camp which purpose is to make you a better Aikido practitioner.

The summer camp is also considered a social event, and we are able to present the possibility to stay at Rosenholm Castle, and also there is the possibility to stay in private homes (only available in limited numbers).


Friday 27.6.: 17:30-20:30 Sempai training (2. Kyu and up)

Saturday 28.6: 10:00-12:30 Class

12:30-14:00 Camp lunch

14:00-16:30 Class

18:30-??? Summer camp dinner w. live music at Rosenholm Castle

Sunday 29.6: 10:00-12:30 Class

12:30-14:00 Camp lunch

14:00-16:30 Class

16:30-16:45 End of summer camp and photoshoot


Lunch and Summer camp dinner incl. drinks are included in the price.

Remember to tell us if you have special dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, allergies etc.)


It will be possible to stay at Rosenholm. Rooms, tents or a space for a tent – also it is possible to be private lodged (please ask when you register)  – Link to Airbnb at Rosenholm


Summer camp w. Peter Kelly:

895,- kr. (Saturday, Sunday) / 1.095,- kr. (full program)

Early bird:

By registering and payment before April 1st, you will receive a 100 kr. discount.


130,- kr. Room at Rosenholm

40,- kr. Tent (remember sleeping bag and madras)

Private housing and tent space is free.

Register at, payment will be arranged after.

Pdf  invitation in English

Pdf invitation på Dansk

Choice of summer camp